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My approach to Paste has long been influenced by the necessary trial and error I found in silkscreening.  I like to try different things and see what works.  This means graphics and designs that are forever-changing.  Even the good ones gotta go eventually.  And although Paste primarily does graphic tees and swim trunks, always check my “Misc” page and see what other ideas have broken through.  I work with a variety of good materials and good people, always respecting the process of making something.




I was born and raised in the often-forgotten state of Delaware to an American mother/teacher and an Estonian-born, Brooklyn-raised father/Air Force pilot.  It was here I experienced American life, the good of simple things and the forever-kookiness of small-town normality.

The American Dream got a hold of me, for better or worse, and I had to get out, first film school in Miami, then showbiz in LA (whatever that means), and music in New York.  I taught myself to silkscreen to hang posters of myself around East Village laundromats for midweek shows at CBCBs and the Continental (gave up before I hit a weekend gig).

Moved to London to shop a demo, didn’t go anywhere, and found myself with a weekend gig, selling silkscreened tees at markets there. 

Moved back to New York, finished school, creative writing at the New School, and started up silkscreening my graphics on t-shirts again and selling them around NYC.  Never graffiti-ed, no pseudonym, sorry.  I created PASTE, and went from there.  Now I do graphics on t-shirts, graphics not on t-shirts, t-shirts on t-shirts, swim trunks with graphics, and swim trunks without.